My Team

Luke Goddard's Team

I have a strong and dedicated team behind me

John Fay

My Manager

John Fay, MBE
CEO Georgia Group

John and Suzie Whiteley in the Georgia office oversee all my off course commitments, scheduling and travel. I love the comrade of the Georgia boys, John's passion for success and the network of great people around John.

+44 1625 441724


Financial Management

Peter Drown is my financial manager and is steeped in both golf and business. As very successful businessman who has over 35 years accounting, wealth and financial services experience. He now is part of the firm Beavis Morgan based in the City


Young Tyrell Hatton with trophy

I would personally like to thank my good friend Spoony for the help and guidance he has given me over the years. I would also like to thank Steve Hall and his family at Royal Lytham Golf Club for their hospitality, friendship and warmth. Finally, may I thank Hendon Golf Club for their tremendous support throughout my career.

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